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Making your dog take its medicine can be tough. Learn the effective ways to make your pet take its medicine.

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Meds for Pets Portland, OR | How To Make Your Dog Take Medicine

As a pet owner, you never want to see your pet suffering from any disease. So the first thing you would do is visit a veterinarian to get some prescriptions for your pet. Moreover, of course, you would follow your vet’s instructions. You would definitely purchase the meds. However, if you want to get the most effective medicines, we have Meds For Pets Portland for you. Our stocks are guaranteed fresh and sealed properly to ensure that they are not contaminated. If you are looking for a specific medicine for pets in OR, there is no need to tire yourself searching for one because we are here to serve you with all the meds that your pet will need.

Meds For Pets Portland OR

How To Make Your Dog Take Meds

You would probably feel excited to give your dog the medicine you got from Meds For Pets Portland because, of course, you want your pet to recover quickly. However, you cannot avoid the situation where your pet does not want to take medicine. That is natural because we all know they have a strong sense of smell. In this case, you would feel lost and do not know what to do because your pet is not taking medicine. No worries! Our professionals at Pet Medication OR give tips and helpful ways to make our dogs take their pills.

The first thing that you can do is to ask for an alternative. There are available pills in liquid form, which will make it easier to mix the medicine in their water. You can also ask for injectables for fast and convenient medication. You can also ask for a prescription if they are available in a different flavor or scent.

As mentioned above, our pups have a great sense of smell, so tricking them that it is not medicine would be easier if we hide the scent. We can mix the medication with food with a powerful smell so the meds will be hidden, and they will ignore it. Remember that our dogs can smell up to a kilometer away, making it difficult for dog owners to hide the medicine.

You can also hide the medicine in their treats by putting it inside. The scent of the dog treat itself can mask the strong smell of the medicine. If the treat is too small to cover the pill, you can use gel caps instead. They are always available to us. This will make sure that the scent and taste are sealed so your dog would not mind having it in its mouth.

If your dog is playful, you can take advantage of it. When you give a treat to your dog for every successful game or task, throw in a real treat first. After a few accomplished tasks, switch the treat to a medicine. This will trick them into thinking that it is their favorite treat. Just be careful of your timing and how you change the dog treat to a medicine.

Remember to prepare the medicine away from your pet. No matter which approach you choose to make your pet take meds, never show the preparation to your pet. They have a great memory, and when they see you doing that, they will try to avoid what you give them because they know that you are tricking them.

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Make sure that your dog is taking medicine on time and that the medication is effective. The technique to make your dog take medicine and the efficiency of the product always come together. So for more effective treatment, call Meds For Pets Portland right now.