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The significant aspects of hygiene in pet grooming in Portland OR

What role do grooming and hygiene have in your health? Depending on your personality and lifestyle, most of us would say it's either somewhat or very significant. Everyone likes to appear tidy and well-dressed. Others may not realize that dogs are generally unconcerned about their appearance, yet no one wants to feel nasty, unclean, and itchy. For long-term happiness and health, good cleanliness and grooming routines are vital. How about your pets? Our veterinarians at pet grooming in Portland are here to help you maintain these healthy practices for your dogs.

Do all dogs need to be groomed?

Pet Grooming Portland OR

All dogs require some form of hygiene assistance throughout their lives, but not all dogs demand professional grooming. Specific breeds require frequent grooming, such as haircuts and coat maintenance. For example, some of our doodle breeds, such as Maltese, Yorkies, Labradors, and other dogs with continuously growing hair rather than fur, may benefit from professional grooming regularly—unless you want to learn how to do it yourself. However, even if your dog isn't one of those specific breeds, hygiene is still essential. When you visit dog dentist Portland, we'll ensure they have proper dental hygiene, good body hygiene, and healthy nails. Regular nail cutting or maintenance, brushing and cleaning their coat, and cleaning their teeth are all necessary duties in our clinic.

What role does regular grooming play in my dog's overall health?

Keeping your dog clean and in good shape can ensure their overall health. Regular grooming will help you have a closer look at your dog, allowing you to spot a small bump, scrape, or scratch you hadn't noticed before. It will aid in loosening any dead fur that has to be groomed out, particularly in our Labradors, Shepherds, and Huskies who blow their coat once or twice a year. We want to check our ears and no significant wax buildup, infection indications, odor, or redness.

While we're clipping their nails, make sure they're in good shape. Observe your dogs with more cracked or broken nails when things are wet a lot of the time, which we would notice if we were starting to trim their nails or keeping them clean. Remember that if those are too much for you, pet grooming in Portland performs even the most careful aspects of cleaning your pets.

Is it preferable to groom your dog yourself or hire a professional groomer?

The breed of your dog, what you're looking for, your dog's anxiousness, and your concerns about grooming all play a role in whether or not you should take your dog to a professional groomer. Dogs that require frequent hair cuts due to their breed can benefit from the services of a professional groomer, such as dog grooming in Portland. For example, if you don't want to keep your Yorkie's hair in a show cut, you should get a puppy cut regularly. Dogs with a continually growing coat, such as poodles, must be trimmed periodically. You'll get a better result by hiring a professional groomer rather than trying to do it yourself. They've spent a lot of time studying and honing their grooming talents, so they can often produce better results than we can.

There are numerous factors to consider. Also, if your dog has mild anxiety or fear of going to the groomer, talk to our vets at pet grooming in Portland. We can assist you with this through anti-anxiety drugs or counterconditioning work to help them become more comfortable with grooming visits.

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Whether you would do the healthy cleaning of your pets or work with our veterinarians at pet grooming in Portland, your decision relies on you. Yet, as we mentioned, if those bring challenges for you, we are open to caring for your pets.